Our Team

Vanessa Jones, Executive Director
Vanessa Jones
Executive Director

As the Executive Director at Sterling Heights, my essential duties include operational and budget planning, delivery of all residential services, regulatory compliance, occupancy levels as well as resident satisfaction. I have worked as a Caregiver, Medtech, and Resident Care and Wellness Director assistant, helping in every way I can. I enjoy helping to make Sterling Heights the best place to call home in the Owens Valley.

Christal Blakeney, Business Office Manager
Christal Blakeney
Business Office Manager

As the business office manager at Sterling Heights, I have the privilege of upholding the policies and procedures for our residents and their families. I also manage the day to day accounts, receivables/payables, payroll and human resources for our terrific staff. I take a great deal of pride in helping others.

B.J. Jones
Concierge/Marketing Director

My position as Concierge/Marketing director is multi-faceted and challenging! I keep the front office area organized and clean, while answering phones, making resident appointments, transferring calls and greeting people as they come through the door. I handle tours with prospective residents; which usually involves answering questions about our facility as well as pointing out high points of living here as we walk around the building. As a previous culinary server for this community, I often jump into the dining room when needed as well.

Trudi Lee, Activities Director
Trudi Lee
Activities Director

I bring decades of experience in the Assisted Living field in Sterling Heights. I oversee the daily exercise classes and make everyday fun and exciting. I plan community events, take the residents out for lunches and weekly scenic rides in our beautiful Owens Valley among many other activities. I have a big heart and am always willing to create a good time for all to have.

Rick Lee, Transportation Director
Rick Lee
Transportation Director

I am in charge of Sterling Heights transportation. I pride myself on getting each and every resident to their appointments in a timely manner. I am also backup for our maintenance department and for our caregiving department.

Vanessa Jones, Housekeeping/Laundry Supervisor
Vanessa Jones
Housekeeping/Laundry Supervisor

As the Housekeeping Director, I train the housekeeping staff in proper procedures to follow and handle administrative tasks such as making the staff work schedules, ordering cleaning supplies, and managing the housekeeping budget. I just started working with this company in 2017 but so far it’s been great to grow in my career and be able to visit with the residents.

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Nicol Jorgensen
Wellness Director

As the Wellness Director, Nicol oversees our care-staff as well as the residents’ care plans and medication management. She works closely with the residents daily to get to know them and to be sure that they’re as comfortable in their health as they can be. She’s fairly new to this position, but the residents definitely bring her joy through this journey!